Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 1.37.13 PMHollywood has already kicked off a summer season that will feature everything from apocalypse comedies (This Is the End, The World’s End) to apocalyptic box-office grosses (After Earth). But we don’t need cushy chairs and $6 popcorn to have a good time. Outdoor movie season unofficially opens July 2 in Bellevue and the following week in the greater Seattle area.

New this summer: Fremont Outdoor Movies’ lineup includes a “Stay Classy” party centered around the absurd humor of Anchorman, and the Alamo Drafthouse’s somehow even more absurd singalong presentation of R. Kelly’s music soap opera—or “hip hopera”—Trapped in the Closet. As always, aBig Lebowski–themed Dude Fest closes out August.

Read the full article on Seattle Met’s Culture Fiend blog here . Get your tickets today and reserve your spot at Seattle’s largest outdoor movie theater: Purchase Tickets Here

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