For the last 20 years, around dusk on warm  saturday summer evenings, adventurous people of all ages came  bedecked with lawn chairs, rubber boats, sofas, costumes and fun attire to join in this zany Fremont  pastime. 

Fremont Outdoor Movies is a community-spirited big screen celebration of pop classics, cult favorites, independent film, video shorts and high camp old fashioned summer fun.

Co-founded by myself from the Fremont Market and Charlotte Buchanan from the old GlamOrama, the movies are a cross between old-time matinees, Cinema Paradiso and the vanishing All-American drive-in.

Here too, the audience is often the best part of the show. It’s the original interactive theater where people are actually encouraged to join in the atmosphere of irreverent humor and laid back good times.

Over the years we have many memorable moments. Cowboy Strip Poker contest for the Unforgiven,  Show us your scar contest for Young Frankenstein, Giant Robot nite.  The Guiness world record record zombie walk for Shaun of the dead,  Edward Scissorshands hair cut contest, The Huggies Diaper relay contest for Raising Arizona, The Dudefest for the Big Lebowski and of course all the the incredible photo booth memories! 

We exported our slapstick brand of the Outdoor Cinema to Berkeley, Burning Man, Boulder Colorado, and back to Hollywood, and as the technology went digital, many more outdoor movies have followed in our footsteps, because this is the way summer movies were meant to be enjoyed.

Thanks to all the people who have helped over the years: producers Andrew McMasters of Jet City Improv, and  Ryan Reiter of Piranha Blonde for keeping the tradition alive and vibrant.

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